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Biogenik Wired Control Pad (BGK163)

The Biogenik Wired ControlPad (BGK163) is a perfect LAG free gaming device built specifically for the PlayStation 4 gaming system. On occasion, the firmware updates may have an adverse effect of the performance or connectivity of this device, should this happen, please follow the simple update below which will be available immediately after each firmware update performed by Sony.

At this time, there is currently no software update available for Mac users, only PC.

Instructions for the update (printable)



Trademark Guidelines

Biogenik has an international presence with subsidiaries worldwide. Because of this, it is important to have a set of standards and rules so that all of our products will have a consistent family look about them and will use our trademarks consistently and correctly. To protect our legal rights to our trademarks, they must be used correctly. Misuse of our trademarked logos and logo-types weakens Biogenik’s ability to protect our trademarks and reserve them exclusively for our use or the use of whomever we deem appropriate. Even slight variations, modifications or embellishments can damage Biogenik’s claim to these trademarks.

Logo Guidelines

To promote consistent use, the logo must never be redrawn, condensed, elongated or embellished in any way. Do not reproduce this icon from anything other than final art or approved electronic files. When using the icon on a computer, do not attempt to re-create it yourself, as it may be accidentally modified, altered or distorted.

Brand Guidelines

Here is a downloadable PDF of our brand guidelines.

Please use them appropriately.

Downloadable Assets

Attached here is a Dropbox link to all of the assets from the brand guide.



Where can I buy Biogenik products?

 Biogenik offers a wide range of innovative and affordable accessories for video game platforms and mobile devices. Our product lineup is constantly evolving and can be found at EB Games & GameStop locations across Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States! 

How do I return a Biogenik products?

 Please email support@biogenikdesigns.com and provide a detailed description of the issues you are experiencing as well as an image of your sales receipt for proof of purchase 

What warranty is offered on Biogenik products?

 EB Games Canada offers a 6 month guarantee on most Biogenik products purchased in Canada. To make a warranty claim, please return your purchase to any EB Games Canada location within 6 months of the purchase date. A receipt will be required as proof of purchase for replacement of the defective item. IMPORTANT: This warranty extends to manufacturing defects only, and does not cover damage or deterioration resulting from accidents, acts of God, mishandling or impact, abuse, neglect, or unauthorized product modifications. 



Any unanswered questions?

Please email us at support@biogenikdesigns.com